Allis Chalmers Pumps is one of the leading pump and pump parts manufacturer in Canada. The company is also among the major pump distributors around the world with the popularity of its products having rapidly grown across all continents. Allis Chalmers has a remarkable line of old farmhouse style classic pumps that you would enjoy collecting if you were an old school farm enthusiast. Additionally, they manufacture some of the farm machinery in the world including tractors as well as perfect replacements for all their products in case your pump gets broken and you need spare pump parts.

Hydraulic Pumps

One of the most popular creations from the praised manufacturer is the Allis Chalmers hydraulic pump. Technological advancements in recent years have led to the production of some of the most effective but simple pump designs in history. Hydraulic pumps are known for their efficiency and flexibility vis-à-vis the transfer of energy. The incorporation of recent technologies in the manufacture of hydraulic pumps has led to the emergence of some extremely efficient hydraulic pump variations that are perfect for powering large machinery.

How Do Hydraulic Pumps Work?

The functioning of a hydraulic pump is based on some very basic scientific principles. The pump itself can be described as a gadget that converts linear or gyratory motion into hydraulic energy using an incompressible fluid. The pump has the ability to produce the flow of the fluid even at high pressure to produce force. Allis Chalmers hydraulic pumps have different applications in day-to-day activities, some of which would appear totally unrelated to an average citizen but they all utilize the same basic scientific principles to operate.

Types of Allis Chalmers Hydraulic Pumps

There are different variations of Allis Chalmers hydraulic pumps. The two major broad classifications of Allis Chalmers hydraulic pumps are:

Fixed displacement pumps.
Variable displacement pumps.
Examples of fixed displacement pumps include gear pumps, gerotor pumps, and screw pumps. Gear pumps are the most commonly used Allis Chalmers. Variable displacement pumps include the rotary vane pumps, radial piston pumps, axial piston pumps and bent axis hydraulic pumps.

Maintaining Your Allis Chalmers Hydraulic Pump

To get the best out of your Allis Chalmers hydraulic pump, make sure that it is installed correctly. Many pump problems such as breaking of a pump and motor bearing, difficult alignment and shaft breakages arise from incorrect installation. For optimal performance, install the pump on a concrete floor because it’s strong and can withstand the forces produced by the running pump. Check the pump packing material carefully to ensure that you don’t miss any crucial installation information. Make sure that the foundation is thick enough to provide rigid support for the pump and it’s motor.


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