Whether you are testing material for production work or scientific research, it is important to ensure you get accurate results. That is the essence of hiring a calibration service provider. During calibration, the technicians compare two measurement instruments. One of them is the standard while the other is the test equipment. If you do not calibrate your test equipment, here are the risks your company might suffer.

1. Questionable quality

Faulty instruments are bound to affect the quality of the finished product. Calibration is essential to maintaining the quality of production during the different stages of manufacture. Lack of proper calibration can also affect storage, whereby the appliance used for temperature control has an error in its readings. In such a case, the stored material may either be of lower quality or get contaminated to the extent that it cannot be sold.

2. Increased downtime

During the manufacturing process, a low-quality product signifies a fault in the factory’s equipment. When a defective product is noticed, the machine ought to be shut down for maintenance purposes. At times a line can be taken down while the repairs are made. Having a regular calibration program helps detect a drift in the performance of instruments and equipment; thus maintenance is scheduled in time.

3. Litigation and fines

Consumer protection laws dictate that a retailer must sell safe products. For instance, if you manufacture or process food products, proper temperature control should be on your top list of priorities. The same applies to other industries and are dependent on the product of interest. Selling goods that do not meet the set standards might result in a negligence claim that could attract heavy fines and charges. Avoid litigation problems and fines by hiring a qualified calibration expert.

4. Poor reliability

When you calibrate your machines often, you trust the results that they give. Therefore, calibration increases your confidence and that of your clients. Hire a calibration service provider who uses high-quality instrumentation so that you are assured that your machines are within the set standards. For more information, please check out the Calibration Service website.

5. Wasted resources

An un-calibrated device could result in poor quality and at times rejected services and product. You waste both time and money in producing incorrect products. The result is a sad situation that requires you to spend additional effort to reproduce the service or product that matches the acceptable standards.

6. Low profits

Wasted time and effort is a profit killer. For a business to be successful, it needs to get rid of inefficiencies. Among the primary considerations here are processes, equipment, and staff. Calibration is one of the major factors that affect the functioning of machines. If you fail to perform routine calibration, inaccuracies in the product quality might occur. At times the effects are severe, and you have to recall products from the market. As such, clients are frustrated and lose trust in your brand. Regaining reputation is difficult and will cost you profits.

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