Who would go fishing through the trash and look for a hard drive? The answer to that question is an identity thief. People, sadly, often discover the answer to their question the hard way. Assuming a discarded hard drive that is tossed into the trash is safely sent to a garbage netherworld could prove disastrous. Hard drive destruction should be left to professional who can perform the job thoroughly and properly.

Hard Drive Theft OccursPutting an old computer out in the trash is a bad plan. Anyone driving past a home might notice the computer and choose to grab the old model. Identity thieves and other miscreants do travel around on trash day. Their eyes are open for gold in the form of something that might contain sensitive documents.

Certain municipalities may accept drop-offs at designated facilities. Rather than discard computers at the curb, they bring the old devices to their local “trash drop off”. The item may be dropped off without worry, but no one knows what might occur in the facility. A corrupt employee could be stealing these models for the purpose of selling off the hard drives.

Do not scoff at such notions. They are not found solely in conspiratorial fiction novels. The non-fiction crime section is filled with tales of compromised private information and the disasters that follow. For additional resources, visit the Shred-it website.

Incredible Stores of Information

The average person’s hard drive might be mostly filled with innocuous personal items. Saved photos of hockey games are not exactly worth something to a thief. Old tax returns, credit card applications, stored passwords, and more would have tremendous value. Accessing those items from a hard drive is not tough. Even if the computer doesn’t work, the hard drive could be transferred to a new device.

And those who deleted material on their hard drive are going to be in for a shock. The data is probably still there.

Deleting vs. Overwriting

Deleting a file doesn’t mean it has been automatically wiped away. Rather, the deleted item is likely invisible and awaiting overwriting. If any data has not been overwritten, it can be retrieved. Identity thieves and other computer crooks know exactly how to do this. Don’t give them the chance. Go with hard drive and paper shredding services capable of completely and securely eliminating all the information.

The Basics of Professional Hard Drive Destruction

Hard drive destruction services accept drop-offs at locations that follow a highly-detailed security protocol. A hard drive that is not immediately destroyed will be placed in a locked bin or similar contain until the time for destruction occurs. Document destruction follows a similar approach. The key here is the materials and data are always accounted for and destroyed thoroughly and professionally.

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