Finding a reliable cleaning service for your office can be a difficult feat. While there are many options available, from local housewives looking to make some extra cash to bigger cleaning companies that employ hundreds of men and women, choosing the right one can be difficult. Take a look at the following list of what to look for when you are trying to choose an office cleaning company that will work best for your budget and needs.

On-Site Estimates

A professional service should always come out to your office and provide a detailed list of what they will do. This should be based on what they are shown while they are visiting your company. A good office cleaning company will also be able to provide a list of the services they do and don’t offer, which can be tailored to individual needs. Don’t choose a company that gives you a quote without looking at the office space first.

Investigate the Companies you are Considering

Check to see how reliable the company is before you consider them for the job. Have they been in business for long? Can they provide references from other satisfied customers? How many employees do they have and will there be back-up workers in case of illness? While everyone promises that they are the best company to do the job, check to be sure that they actually are.

Ask for Liability Proof

Most office cleaning companies will claim that they have liability insurance for their workers, but it may surprise you that many are simply lying. This is especially true of the family-owned or individually-owned companies who only have a few employees under their belt. There is nothing wrong with asking for proof of liability coverage to ensure you are covered in the event of an accident.

Stay on the Same Page

After finding a cleaning company that you think will work best for your needs, make sure to stay in communication with them. Go over everything that you will need cleaned in your office, when time they can come in to clean, how they will get in, who to call in the event of an emergency, and so forth. Your office cleaning company will operate a lot smoother when they know exactly what is expected of them.

Price Match

Most companies are in fierce competition with other cleaning companies and will do what they can to undercut them at every turn. This means that you will generally have many choices that offer a close match in price. While you don’t want to choose the cheapest company, as you may get cheap work, you won’t have to look hard to find comparable rates for top-notch service. Ask about any specials the company may offer for first-time users, as well.

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