Factories running large amounts of electronically controlled equipment and IT departments depend on cabinet cooler designs that are easy to install, require little-to-no maintenance and prove dependable with constant use. A failure of the cooling system means that electrical components will begin to fail. It can cause loss of critical data and a complete stoppage of work. It will then mean a replacement or fix of the cooling system. It is more cost-effective to find a dependable source of cooling from Pelmar Engineering for all critical electrical components to avoid the heavy financial hit offered by any product less than ideal.

Electrical Components and Heat Build-Up

Electrical wiring and components can handle temperatures of 95 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit without problems, but temperatures can far exceed this in factory and IT environments. The enclosed cabinets that house the control wiring is not always well-vented, so temperatures can easily soar unchecked. A sure method of keeping that environment cool enough for the electronics to function well is vital.

Maintenance Demanded By Freon Cooler Versions

There are a lot of marketed Freon cooler units, but the amount of maintenance needed can be a nightmare to a busy company. If the Freon leaks or the unit becomes otherwise non-operational, you will not know until it is too late and something has failed from the heat. A vortex electronic cooler is considered one of the most maintenance free coolers made. These are self-vented, leaving behind the concerns of moisture damage from condensation.

Energy Efficiency

A vortex electronic cooler uses condensed air to quickly and efficiently cool needed electrical components. Once the desired temperature is reached, the unit will stop running. This saves energy and wear-and-tear on the cooler. This means you can save your money for the more necessary equipment repairs that crop up from time-to-time. It is a more prudent way to run your operation. A small investment now will keep paying off over the years.

Cleaner Electrical Components With Less Chance of Breakdown

Using cabinet air conditioners that are dependent on venting in air from the outside is a disaster from the start. It can cause a build-up of humidity and dust that will corrode and degrade the electrical components you are trying to preserve. Minimize the risk to the wires and components by installing the right product from the start.

Contact Pelmer Engineering and have better system installed that requires low maintenance, while providing enhanced performance of your electronically controlled equipment.

Image Credit: Pelmar Engineering

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