Choosing the Best Equipment for your Loading Dock

Loading and offloading activities are inevitable for any large facility, whether it is a retail outlet, plant, warehouse, or a grocer. A loading dock is a place where your company receives supplies and your products are shipped off to the customers. The increased activities at the dock and the various risks involved make it a dangerous environment for workers. Therefore, getting the necessary equipment not only reduces the risks but also protects the offloading team from danger leading to increased productivity and efficiency.

Most docks will have small doorways, improper bumper projections, excessive slopes, and gravel approaches making the loading process a little bit difficult. The loading dock equipment helps in speeding up traffic and minimizing the loading or offloading costs and risks. Some of the essential equipment in most docks includes:

• Wheel Chocks

They are wedge-shaped blocks placed in front of the rear wheel of a trailer to prevent it from moving away during loading. They protect the loading and unloading crew from any accidents that may occur if a trailer moves away from the dock leveler. OSHA requires the use of wheel chocks while loading or unloading a truck.

• Dock Levelers

They come in different forms including mechanical levelers, air powered, and hydraulic levelers. They fill the gap between the storage space and the trailer during the loading process. They improve the safety and efficiency of employees during the offloading process. The dock leveler should have the proper structural strength to handle the gross load weight and the frequency of use. You should also consider the speed of your lift trucks during the purchase of levelers.

• Dock Seals

Dock seals help in maintaining the cool air inside the storage facility and provide an effective barrier for improved dock safety and energy efficiency. The seals consist of a rubber canvas, which covers the gap between the dock and the trailer’s entrance, therefore, maintaining the normal environmental conditions in a dock.

Factors to Consider while Choosing Equipment for Loading Docks

The type of the loading dock equipment used varies depending on the needs of a business. The employees’ safety should be the number one factor to consider while purchasing the equipment. You should also have in mind the space that the dock occupies, the type of truck you will be using, and the weight of the loads. Check on the durability and reliability of equipment to ensure that they can withstand a lot of friction. Keeping the equipment in good condition is important, but you should make sure that the equipment has low maintenance costs before purchasing.


Getting the right equipment for your loading dock not only helps in maintaining the safety of the workers, but it also boosts their productivity. Therefore, business owners should consider doing a thorough research before purchasing an item. Other equipment that may improve the efficiency and safety on a dock include the dock board, dock bumpers, dock lifts, and dock shelters among others. The choice of one over the other depends on the safety it provides and the role that it completes in during loading. If you need additional resources, Wilcox Door Service Inc. may be able to offer you more information on their website.

How Trucking Companies Can Improve Customer Experience

Trucking companies in Ontario have more exposure to corporate organizations and the general public than most transportation firms. As a result, they are at high risk of experiencing serious damages to their reputation from dissatisfied customers. This can cause a drastic shift on the number of customers they have and derail their business significantly. As a result, trucking companies should know how to handle customers.

Offer customer service training

Freight services companies should offer customer service training to their drivers and other members of the support staff. The training should be mainly for those who have direct contact with clients. The managers should emphasize on why it is important for the company to maintain high customer service standards. The employees must know how to behave at every point of customer contact. All the the drivers must always maintain decorum and display the right demeanor while addressing a customer’s needs.

Communicate the company’s expectations

The drivers and other employees who interact directly with customers should always know that the company requires high levels of customer support skills. The managers can use the company’s newsletters or email systems to emphasize the importance of these skills during meetings. The company should also try to implement competitions and contests among the drivers to generate useful suggestions regarding customer service. Such measures will not only enhance their performance in customer support, but it will also have a long-lasting effect on customer relationships.

Use the latest technology

A serious Canadian trucking company should always have a strong taste for new technologies. Most of these technologies have advanced systems that can allow effective management of customer needs and the fleet. They can calculate the amount of time it will take for the goods to reach the customers. Some of them can track the goods while on transit and detect potential problems before and during transporting. The trucking company can then take various measures to rectify the problem or notify the customer about delays in advance. This will enhance effective communication between the company and the clients, which translates to loyalty and trust. It will also enable the transportation company to improve its logistics.

Enhance customer service strategies

The company manager must come up with ways on how to enhance customer service through effective and realistic strategies. The employees should handle the customers on a personal level and provide them with the best experience. They should be able to meet with the customers or make video calls to update them on new changes. Also, the company must give the clients a chance to give their feedback. The feedback can either be via the company’s website or email platforms. This can help the company to make great decisions based on what customers want.