4 Ways GHS Guidelines Will Benefit Your Business

Safety labels are crucial for any organization, especially if your operations involve chemicals or hazardous materials. With the revision to include Globally Harmonized System (GHS) into regulation, it spells the urgency and importance of well-labeled workplace to prevent an accident. Whether it is GHS pictograms, labels, signals, symbols or precautionary statements, it is imperative that GHS compliance is undertaken to ensure utmost care is observed while handling any chemical substance.

Let’s have a look at what you may gain in adopting such compliance.

1. Streamline your business

One significant recognition of GHS compliance is the ability to streamline your workplace. With GHS compliance, everyone is on the same page as they received adequate training and education to understand GHS complaint labeling. This will allow employees to follow the safety requirements making your workplace safer thus benefitting the industry as a whole. Even international businesses all use the standard GHS labels for their materials. For those of you interested, there is more information available at ICC Compliance Center.

2. Streamline data management

Smart entrepreneurs are taking advantage of the accessibility and simplicity of electronic data management, and GHS compliance is to thank. Now you can handle inventory, track and monitor materials during production, manufacturing and shipping process. Additionally, you can follow batch control and store all your information electronically through a proper data management solution. This is because GHS compliance requires a platform to record, track and monitor your hazardous materials. Additionally, compliance will reduce the costs of logistics that are involved in the trade of chemical and hazardous material between companies.

3. Train your employees

Under GHS, employees handling dangerous or hazardous equipment or material must get proper training. This is a critical element to ensure that any areas of the workplace that have a high risk of chemical spills are contained and handled appropriately. The training program, furthermore, equips employees with knowledge and skills to manage any emergency occurring as a result of hazardous material. Even though GHS classification might be confusing, with proper training, your employees will be able to interpret the meanings of all safety labels placed within the workplace and the hazardous areas that may be out of bounds.

4. Meet mandatory compliance

Soon rather than later, authorities and regulations will require mandatory GHS compliance at the workplace. Your business must be ready to adapt to it. An excellent way to save yourself the trouble would be to adjust and integrate GHS guidelines now. Consequently, you get to save money, time and make your operations safer and more efficient across the board.

A Final Thought:

You need not wait until the last minute to customize your requirements to meet the standards. The earlier you get the safety labels, the better it is to ensure the health and safety of you and your employees.

Four Reasons Steel Buildings Deserve Greater Appreciation

1. Prefabricated Steel Buildings Are Durable And Tough

Steel has such incredible physical qualities that it is surprising more people don’t use steel as a building material. Prefabricated steel structures are inherently tough. Relative to their strength, these structures are lithe and lacking in bulkiness. In fact, steel has the highest strength to weight ratio of any building material. Although this type of structure has achieved massive success in the realm of garages and storage sheds, it seems that this type of building should catch on in many different applications. These structures are known for resisting dangerous winds, earthquakes and other natural disasters. Unlike other types of structures, metal structures are totally resistant to the depredations of pests like termites and ants. You can learn more information at Future Buildings.

2. Prefabricated Steel (PS) Structures Are Versatile

If you appreciate the physical qualities of steel but don’t like the aesthetics of this material, it is now possible to make PS structures virtually indistinguishable from other types of buildings. For example, you can install metallic roof panels that look exactly like traditional roof shingles. You can also dress up your structure with wall panels one can paint in almost any combination of colors. If you so choose, you can easily paint these panels to mimic old-fashioned brickwork. With modern techniques for augmenting steel, your aesthetic options are almost endless. If you still think that steel buildings always look drab or industrial, you haven’t taken an adequate look at how steel construction has evolved over the course of the past decade.

3. PS Structures Are Environmentally Sustainable

As more and more people become aware of the damaging effects of climate change, the public may gain a greater appreciation for the sustainable nature of steel construction. Whether you are looking to add a small guest home to your property or you need a prefab garage, you should build out in an ecologically sane manner. Unlike many other building materials, steel is 100 percent recyclable. When people purchase steel garages, they are helping to preserve our shared ecology. Even though this is just one out of many ecologically sound moves that you can make, every little thing helps.

4. PS Structures Are Fast And Cheap

When you order a PS structure, the manufacturer provides you with a unique product tailored to satisfy your needs. All preliminary site work can be executed during the manufacturing process. When the structure is complete, it is sent to the installation site along with all auxiliary hardware needed for assembly. Generally, prefabrication means that overall project time is significantly reduced. If you order your PS structure, you’ll be confident knowing that you won’t have to wait an enormously long time before enjoying your structure.

Six Risks Involved in Not Calibrating an Instrument

Whether you are testing material for production work or scientific research, it is important to ensure you get accurate results. That is the essence of hiring a calibration service provider. During calibration, the technicians compare two measurement instruments. One of them is the standard while the other is the test equipment. If you do not calibrate your test equipment, here are the risks your company might suffer.

1. Questionable quality

Faulty instruments are bound to affect the quality of the finished product. Calibration is essential to maintaining the quality of production during the different stages of manufacture. Lack of proper calibration can also affect storage, whereby the appliance used for temperature control has an error in its readings. In such a case, the stored material may either be of lower quality or get contaminated to the extent that it cannot be sold.

2. Increased downtime

During the manufacturing process, a low-quality product signifies a fault in the factory’s equipment. When a defective product is noticed, the machine ought to be shut down for maintenance purposes. At times a line can be taken down while the repairs are made. Having a regular calibration program helps detect a drift in the performance of instruments and equipment; thus maintenance is scheduled in time.

3. Litigation and fines

Consumer protection laws dictate that a retailer must sell safe products. For instance, if you manufacture or process food products, proper temperature control should be on your top list of priorities. The same applies to other industries and are dependent on the product of interest. Selling goods that do not meet the set standards might result in a negligence claim that could attract heavy fines and charges. Avoid litigation problems and fines by hiring a qualified calibration expert.

4. Poor reliability

When you calibrate your machines often, you trust the results that they give. Therefore, calibration increases your confidence and that of your clients. Hire a calibration service provider who uses high-quality instrumentation so that you are assured that your machines are within the set standards. For more information, please check out the Calibration Service website.

5. Wasted resources

An un-calibrated device could result in poor quality and at times rejected services and product. You waste both time and money in producing incorrect products. The result is a sad situation that requires you to spend additional effort to reproduce the service or product that matches the acceptable standards.

6. Low profits

Wasted time and effort is a profit killer. For a business to be successful, it needs to get rid of inefficiencies. Among the primary considerations here are processes, equipment, and staff. Calibration is one of the major factors that affect the functioning of machines. If you fail to perform routine calibration, inaccuracies in the product quality might occur. At times the effects are severe, and you have to recall products from the market. As such, clients are frustrated and lose trust in your brand. Regaining reputation is difficult and will cost you profits.

Benefits of Outsourcing Paper Shredding Services

Businesses that handle a lot of paperwork should consider ways of disposing of the records when they no longer require them. Regardless of the size of the firm, destruction of documents is just as important as hard drive destruction. It helps in ensuring that sensitive information is kept secretive, thus gaining the trust of clients and suppliers alike. One option of destroying documents is by hiring document shredding services.

Should you outsource your document destruction requirements?

The answer is yes, and here are facts to back it up.

1. It makes the destruction process simpler

If you choose to shred your documents, you must have the proper equipment to do it. Even if you have the equipment, remember that you have to maintain it, which is cumbersome. You are also in charge of repairing it in case it breaks down.

The work is too much for a firm that is after attaining its core goals. When you outsource this function, it will be another person’s burden to purchase, maintain and repair the paper shredder. All you need to do is to gather the documents and arrange for pick up.

2. Eradicates security concerns

The information found in the old files is in a way related to your firm’s operation. This may range from its functioning, past and present employees, financial details as well as clientele sensitive information. By hiring paper shredding services, you eliminate the possibility of this information falling into the wrong hands. Many providers will even allow you to watch as the documents are destroyed.

3. Higher productivity

When you are handling document shredding within the organization, it is the employees who will do the work. It implies that an employee is required to leave his or her desk to deal with the paper shredding work. Consequently, it affects the productivity of the company. You may be able to find more resources and insights at the Shred-it website.

4. Environmentally friendly solution

Believe it or not, document shredding is a green procedure that eliminates the need for raw materials for certain industrial processes. Many paper shredding companies recycle the shredded papers. Thus, the process goes a long way in protecting the environment.

Off-site and on-site shredding

Usually, service providers offer these two options to their clients. Off-site refers to where the company picks up the material and takes it to a destination away from your office. As for on-site shredding, the service is done within the business premises. Both options are ideal. Thus the choice you make should be based purely on taste and preference.

Checklist for selecting the best paper shredding services

Effectiveness – the company should be able to shred your waste paper into tiny pieces such that it is impossible to reconstruct and figure out the information they contain.

Reliability – you need a provider who will keep time and offer quality service.

Cost– it is important to hire affordable services.

Experience – an experienced firm is a guarantee of quality service.

3 Reasons to Have Corner Guards

Residential and commercial properties are very valuable assets that ought to be guarded properly to avoid incurring substantial losses when tragedy strikes. One way of guarding your property is by using corner guards. There are various types of guards in the market today such as stainless steel, rigid vinyl, clear, and rubber guards among others. Regardless of the type of corner guards that you choose to use on your building, here are three major reasons why you should consider investing in guards:

1) Prevent damage and injuries

It’ important to protect the walls and corners of your residential or commercial building, especially in places where there is heavy traffic. If some of the walls or corners of your home or commercial business building have started experiencing scrapes and nicks, then it’s time to consider investing in durable and sturdy guards like stainless steel or aluminum suitable for protecting walls. In fact homeowners or buildings that have people with wheelchairs, kids or pets should consider investing in corner guards because the walls are prone to be scratched. Some sharp corners in buildings, especially where there is heavy traffic need to be guarded to avoid injuring passersby. The best way of guarding these corners is using heavy duty rubber guards.

2) Industrial building protection

Businesses in the industrial sector usually experience intense activity and constant movement of workers. Whenever these workers move around with huge metals, boxes, inventory, and trucks, they can easily scrape the walls and corners of the industrial buildings. The cost of repairing an industrial building that has been scratched on several walls and corners can sometimes be higher than that of purchasing guards. Furthermore, the installation process of the guards is often inexpensive and worth the effort you put in.

3) Protect against environmental disasters

Floods, storms and earthquakes that are naturally caused can strike any time causing a lot of damage to buildings. Even if your building is insured, it’s prudent to prevent or reduce the extent of the damage before it occurs. It might be very costly and time-consuming to start constructing a commercial building that was completely brought down by an earthquake from scratch than doing renovations on a building that was slightly scraped or shaken. In fact, a commercial building that doesn’t have corner guards may be forced to close shop for days, thus incurring losses in the process. You can learn additional information at Boss Corner Guards.

Choosing the Best Equipment for your Loading Dock

Loading and offloading activities are inevitable for any large facility, whether it is a retail outlet, plant, warehouse, or a grocer. A loading dock is a place where your company receives supplies and your products are shipped off to the customers. The increased activities at the dock and the various risks involved make it a dangerous environment for workers. Therefore, getting the necessary equipment not only reduces the risks but also protects the offloading team from danger leading to increased productivity and efficiency.

Most docks will have small doorways, improper bumper projections, excessive slopes, and gravel approaches making the loading process a little bit difficult. The loading dock equipment helps in speeding up traffic and minimizing the loading or offloading costs and risks. Some of the essential equipment in most docks includes:

• Wheel Chocks

They are wedge-shaped blocks placed in front of the rear wheel of a trailer to prevent it from moving away during loading. They protect the loading and unloading crew from any accidents that may occur if a trailer moves away from the dock leveler. OSHA requires the use of wheel chocks while loading or unloading a truck.

• Dock Levelers

They come in different forms including mechanical levelers, air powered, and hydraulic levelers. They fill the gap between the storage space and the trailer during the loading process. They improve the safety and efficiency of employees during the offloading process. The dock leveler should have the proper structural strength to handle the gross load weight and the frequency of use. You should also consider the speed of your lift trucks during the purchase of levelers.

• Dock Seals

Dock seals help in maintaining the cool air inside the storage facility and provide an effective barrier for improved dock safety and energy efficiency. The seals consist of a rubber canvas, which covers the gap between the dock and the trailer’s entrance, therefore, maintaining the normal environmental conditions in a dock.

Factors to Consider while Choosing Equipment for Loading Docks

The type of the loading dock equipment used varies depending on the needs of a business. The employees’ safety should be the number one factor to consider while purchasing the equipment. You should also have in mind the space that the dock occupies, the type of truck you will be using, and the weight of the loads. Check on the durability and reliability of equipment to ensure that they can withstand a lot of friction. Keeping the equipment in good condition is important, but you should make sure that the equipment has low maintenance costs before purchasing.


Getting the right equipment for your loading dock not only helps in maintaining the safety of the workers, but it also boosts their productivity. Therefore, business owners should consider doing a thorough research before purchasing an item. Other equipment that may improve the efficiency and safety on a dock include the dock board, dock bumpers, dock lifts, and dock shelters among others. The choice of one over the other depends on the safety it provides and the role that it completes in during loading. If you need additional resources, Wilcox Door Service Inc. may be able to offer you more information on their website.

Why Canadian Businesses Must Stop Smoking In The Workplace

Smoking is banned in all workplaces in Canada. There are also varying laws, depending on the jurisdiction regarding when a workplace will have ventilated smoking rooms, when a workplace will allow workers to smoke outside the building and what distance the workers need to be from the building. There is also a total federal smoking ban on all federal workplaces.

Smoking Is Great For Employee Health

Restricting smoking is part of a complete health and safety program. The cigarette smoke that workers experience is just part of the many health risks that employees can experience on a daily basis.

Smoking Costs Money

In addition to the health risks associated with smoking, smokers can cost businesses money in various other ways. For example, worker absenteeism and lost productivity as a result of smoke breaks can result. Smoking can also cause damage to the property and it can be more expensive to clean up after smokers. Ash trays and the removal of stains caused by smoking adds to the workload of the workplace.

Smoking Can Contaminate Food And Beverages

Another concern is the effect that smoking has on customers when smoking is performed in a location where food and beverages are handled. Even if a smoker goes on a smoke break, his or her hands can have cigarette residue that can contaminate food and beverages. Therefore, it is important that workers be required to wash their hands when returning to work after a smoke break. One exception is in food service locations where smoking as traditionally been present, such as in bars. Whether smoking is allowed in these locations can vary by jurisdiction.

Smoking Can Create A Fire Hazard

Another concern is the effect that smoking can have on other hazards that are present in the environment. If smoking has the risk of causing a fire or explosion, anti-smoking WHMIS labels are necessary.

Safety Labels Are Often Essential

If you would like to restrict smoking, one way to articulate this is through smoking safety labels. There are WHMIS symbols that will clearly articulate the smoking is forbidden even for those who speak English as a second language. A WHMIS classification label will clarify the type of hazard that exists. The labels are highly convenient and should be stuck in locations that are highly visible. Also, as labels become damaged and illegible, they should be replaced.

If your business has a large number of labels that it needs to use, it is recommended that you purchase a label maker that can print out the labels that you need. Then, it will be much easier to replace old labels with new ones and remain in compliance. The ICC Compliance Center website may provide additional insights if you need more information.

How Professional Hard Drive Destruction Services Enhance Privacy and Protection

Who would go fishing through the trash and look for a hard drive? The answer to that question is an identity thief. People, sadly, often discover the answer to their question the hard way. Assuming a discarded hard drive that is tossed into the trash is safely sent to a garbage netherworld could prove disastrous. Hard drive destruction should be left to professional who can perform the job thoroughly and properly.

Hard Drive Theft OccursPutting an old computer out in the trash is a bad plan. Anyone driving past a home might notice the computer and choose to grab the old model. Identity thieves and other miscreants do travel around on trash day. Their eyes are open for gold in the form of something that might contain sensitive documents.

Certain municipalities may accept drop-offs at designated facilities. Rather than discard computers at the curb, they bring the old devices to their local “trash drop off”. The item may be dropped off without worry, but no one knows what might occur in the facility. A corrupt employee could be stealing these models for the purpose of selling off the hard drives.

Do not scoff at such notions. They are not found solely in conspiratorial fiction novels. The non-fiction crime section is filled with tales of compromised private information and the disasters that follow. For additional resources, visit the Shred-it website.

Incredible Stores of Information

The average person’s hard drive might be mostly filled with innocuous personal items. Saved photos of hockey games are not exactly worth something to a thief. Old tax returns, credit card applications, stored passwords, and more would have tremendous value. Accessing those items from a hard drive is not tough. Even if the computer doesn’t work, the hard drive could be transferred to a new device.

And those who deleted material on their hard drive are going to be in for a shock. The data is probably still there.

Deleting vs. Overwriting

Deleting a file doesn’t mean it has been automatically wiped away. Rather, the deleted item is likely invisible and awaiting overwriting. If any data has not been overwritten, it can be retrieved. Identity thieves and other computer crooks know exactly how to do this. Don’t give them the chance. Go with hard drive and paper shredding services capable of completely and securely eliminating all the information.

The Basics of Professional Hard Drive Destruction

Hard drive destruction services accept drop-offs at locations that follow a highly-detailed security protocol. A hard drive that is not immediately destroyed will be placed in a locked bin or similar contain until the time for destruction occurs. Document destruction follows a similar approach. The key here is the materials and data are always accounted for and destroyed thoroughly and professionally.

How Trucking Companies Can Improve Customer Experience

Trucking companies in Ontario have more exposure to corporate organizations and the general public than most transportation firms. As a result, they are at high risk of experiencing serious damages to their reputation from dissatisfied customers. This can cause a drastic shift on the number of customers they have and derail their business significantly. As a result, trucking companies should know how to handle customers.

Offer customer service training

Freight services companies should offer customer service training to their drivers and other members of the support staff. The training should be mainly for those who have direct contact with clients. The managers should emphasize on why it is important for the company to maintain high customer service standards. The employees must know how to behave at every point of customer contact. All the the drivers must always maintain decorum and display the right demeanor while addressing a customer’s needs.

Communicate the company’s expectations

The drivers and other employees who interact directly with customers should always know that the company requires high levels of customer support skills. The managers can use the company’s newsletters or email systems to emphasize the importance of these skills during meetings. The company should also try to implement competitions and contests among the drivers to generate useful suggestions regarding customer service. Such measures will not only enhance their performance in customer support, but it will also have a long-lasting effect on customer relationships.

Use the latest technology

A serious Canadian trucking company should always have a strong taste for new technologies. Most of these technologies have advanced systems that can allow effective management of customer needs and the fleet. They can calculate the amount of time it will take for the goods to reach the customers. Some of them can track the goods while on transit and detect potential problems before and during transporting. The trucking company can then take various measures to rectify the problem or notify the customer about delays in advance. This will enhance effective communication between the company and the clients, which translates to loyalty and trust. It will also enable the transportation company to improve its logistics.

Enhance customer service strategies

The company manager must come up with ways on how to enhance customer service through effective and realistic strategies. The employees should handle the customers on a personal level and provide them with the best experience. They should be able to meet with the customers or make video calls to update them on new changes. Also, the company must give the clients a chance to give their feedback. The feedback can either be via the company’s website or email platforms. This can help the company to make great decisions based on what customers want.

What to Look For in an Office Cleaning Company

Finding a reliable cleaning service for your office can be a difficult feat. While there are many options available, from local housewives looking to make some extra cash to bigger cleaning companies that employ hundreds of men and women, choosing the right one can be difficult. Take a look at the following list of what to look for when you are trying to choose an office cleaning company that will work best for your budget and needs.

On-Site Estimates

A professional service should always come out to your office and provide a detailed list of what they will do. This should be based on what they are shown while they are visiting your company. A good office cleaning company will also be able to provide a list of the services they do and don’t offer, which can be tailored to individual needs. Don’t choose a company that gives you a quote without looking at the office space first.

Investigate the Companies you are Considering

Check to see how reliable the company is before you consider them for the job. Have they been in business for long? Can they provide references from other satisfied customers? How many employees do they have and will there be back-up workers in case of illness? While everyone promises that they are the best company to do the job, check to be sure that they actually are.

Ask for Liability Proof

Most office cleaning companies will claim that they have liability insurance for their workers, but it may surprise you that many are simply lying. This is especially true of the family-owned or individually-owned companies who only have a few employees under their belt. There is nothing wrong with asking for proof of liability coverage to ensure you are covered in the event of an accident.

Stay on the Same Page

After finding a cleaning company that you think will work best for your needs, make sure to stay in communication with them. Go over everything that you will need cleaned in your office, when time they can come in to clean, how they will get in, who to call in the event of an emergency, and so forth. Your office cleaning company will operate a lot smoother when they know exactly what is expected of them.

Price Match

Most companies are in fierce competition with other cleaning companies and will do what they can to undercut them at every turn. This means that you will generally have many choices that offer a close match in price. While you don’t want to choose the cheapest company, as you may get cheap work, you won’t have to look hard to find comparable rates for top-notch service. Ask about any specials the company may offer for first-time users, as well.