Smoking is banned in all workplaces in Canada. There are also varying laws, depending on the jurisdiction regarding when a workplace will have ventilated smoking rooms, when a workplace will allow workers to smoke outside the building and what distance the workers need to be from the building. There is also a total federal smoking ban on all federal workplaces.

Smoking Is Great For Employee Health

Restricting smoking is part of a complete health and safety program. The cigarette smoke that workers experience is just part of the many health risks that employees can experience on a daily basis.

Smoking Costs Money

In addition to the health risks associated with smoking, smokers can cost businesses money in various other ways. For example, worker absenteeism and lost productivity as a result of smoke breaks can result. Smoking can also cause damage to the property and it can be more expensive to clean up after smokers. Ash trays and the removal of stains caused by smoking adds to the workload of the workplace.

Smoking Can Contaminate Food And Beverages

Another concern is the effect that smoking has on customers when smoking is performed in a location where food and beverages are handled. Even if a smoker goes on a smoke break, his or her hands can have cigarette residue that can contaminate food and beverages. Therefore, it is important that workers be required to wash their hands when returning to work after a smoke break. One exception is in food service locations where smoking as traditionally been present, such as in bars. Whether smoking is allowed in these locations can vary by jurisdiction.

Smoking Can Create A Fire Hazard

Another concern is the effect that smoking can have on other hazards that are present in the environment. If smoking has the risk of causing a fire or explosion, anti-smoking WHMIS labels are necessary.

Safety Labels Are Often Essential

If you would like to restrict smoking, one way to articulate this is through smoking safety labels. There are WHMIS symbols that will clearly articulate the smoking is forbidden even for those who speak English as a second language. A WHMIS classification label will clarify the type of hazard that exists. The labels are highly convenient and should be stuck in locations that are highly visible. Also, as labels become damaged and illegible, they should be replaced.

If your business has a large number of labels that it needs to use, it is recommended that you purchase a label maker that can print out the labels that you need. Then, it will be much easier to replace old labels with new ones and remain in compliance. The ICC Compliance Center website may provide additional insights if you need more information.

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