Shipment of goods from one point to another has been made more convenient lately by courier services. You can now use these service to send packages from one point to another. Shipping companies offer different services to satisfy the needs of different customers. Customers can choose a shipping company after considering factors such as urgency, price, size, delivery point, value and the nature of the items they need to transport.

1. Standard Services

People will use these services to transport small parcels. The service is suitable for packages whose weight is below 50 kilograms. Shipping rates will depend on the weight of the package. It is cheap if the goods you want to send are within the set weight limits. On the other hand, it will be expensive if your goods exceed 50kgs. It is because you will have to pay an extra amount for the excess weight. Alternatively, you will have to use freight service which is still an expensive option. The Flagship Courier Solutions website has more online resources and references available.

2. International courier service

An international service is for moving items from one country to another. The route used to deliver the goods will have a heavy impact on the cost you will incur. The prices will help you determine the route you prefer the company to use to deliver the goods. People who rely on these services are mostly those living abroad, and they need to ship goods back to their mother country. Business people across borders also use these service. Sometimes this service can prove to be unreliable because the shipping company that you choose could not be serving the desired destination. A key challenge witnessed in this service is strict regulations by destination countries on the items you can ship there. On top of that, some countries can impose additional tariffs, and this can increase the cost significantly.

3. Same day or express services

Express delivery service is used for very small packages such as documents and lightweight items. Due to the quick delivery here, it is a very convenient method. On the other hand, it can be unreliable due to its high charges and some people can fail to meet the costs. Another challenge is that very few companies offer this service. They are not widespread, and accessing could be challenging as a result and could increase the cost further.

4. Overnight services

Some people would like their shipments to arrive early in the morning. Shipping will, therefore, be done at night to arrive at the delivery point next day. Overnight services are highly reliable for last minute needs since requests can be made the late in the evening. However, the method works well for short routes between countries.

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