Residential and commercial properties are very valuable assets that ought to be guarded properly to avoid incurring substantial losses when tragedy strikes. One way of guarding your property is by using corner guards. There are various types of guards in the market today such as stainless steel, rigid vinyl, clear, and rubber guards among others. Regardless of the type of corner guards that you choose to use on your building, here are three major reasons why you should consider investing in guards:

1) Prevent damage and injuries

It’ important to protect the walls and corners of your residential or commercial building, especially in places where there is heavy traffic. If some of the walls or corners of your home or commercial business building have started experiencing scrapes and nicks, then it’s time to consider investing in durable and sturdy guards like stainless steel or aluminum suitable for protecting walls. In fact homeowners or buildings that have people with wheelchairs, kids or pets should consider investing in corner guards because the walls are prone to be scratched. Some sharp corners in buildings, especially where there is heavy traffic need to be guarded to avoid injuring passersby. The best way of guarding these corners is using heavy duty rubber guards.

2) Industrial building protection

Businesses in the industrial sector usually experience intense activity and constant movement of workers. Whenever these workers move around with huge metals, boxes, inventory, and trucks, they can easily scrape the walls and corners of the industrial buildings. The cost of repairing an industrial building that has been scratched on several walls and corners can sometimes be higher than that of purchasing guards. Furthermore, the installation process of the guards is often inexpensive and worth the effort you put in.

3) Protect against environmental disasters

Floods, storms and earthquakes that are naturally caused can strike any time causing a lot of damage to buildings. Even if your building is insured, it’s prudent to prevent or reduce the extent of the damage before it occurs. It might be very costly and time-consuming to start constructing a commercial building that was completely brought down by an earthquake from scratch than doing renovations on a building that was slightly scraped or shaken. In fact, a commercial building that doesn’t have corner guards may be forced to close shop for days, thus incurring losses in the process. You can learn additional information at Boss Corner Guards.

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